The Orinda Public Library
26 Orinda Way
Orinda, California

Group show, Exhibiting artists:

  • John Casey

  • Patrick Dunaway

  • Obi Kaufmann

  • Crystal Morey

  • Lauren Napolitano

  • David Polka

  • Jake Watling


Show dates:  June 2, 2014 to July 1, 2014
Artist reception:  Sunday, June 8th, 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Press Contact: Obi Kaufmann, organizer,, cell 925-951-7501

Co-organizer: John Casey,
Exhibit designer: David Polka,


In this ambitious show from an ensemble of prolific and visionary artists, all of whom live and work in Oakland, the world is imagined as a space between locations, a line between two points, a journey and not a destination. These seven artists have set out to tackle disparate, even transient, notions of mystic identity through the use of their professional craft.  It could be said that what holds this group of artists together, most obviously, is the use of the powerfully-graphic line in the employment of the human figure. Whether it is Lauren Napolitano’s lyrical use of patterns across gentle renderings of human hands, or Jake Watling’s whimsical sense of character balanced against subconscious, narrative stories, all of these artists understand the media-power of the beautifully-made image and its ability to convey underlying meaning. This show represents a huge swath of the recent work from all the included artists, and all of it will be for sale directly from the artist.

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003From left, artists – Patricia Gillespie, Mario Navasero, John Casey and Scott Greenwalt


artist, Nathaniel Parsons


artist, Alison Tharp


artist, Lexa Walsh


artist, Scott Greenwalt


artist, Ryan McJunkin


artist, Matt Decker


artist, Michael McConnell


artist, Marcos Lafarga


artist, Hunter Mack


artist, Wythe Bowart


artist, Brett Baumgart & Tyler


artist, Martin Webb


artist, Daniel Healey


artists, Emily Coker and David Polka


artist, Brük Dunbar


artist, Joseph Kowalczyk


artist, Alison OK Frost and Mary Mortimer


artist, Lauren Napolitano


Artist, Matt Decker, Hilary Decker and artist, Danielle Silva


from left, Oona, artist, Lucien Shapiro, Lauren Napolitano, Dave Higgins and Patricia Gillespie

Some artists I did not get good (or at least adequate) pictures of last night, but who were in attendance: Heidi Cregge, David Seiler, Kelly Monson,  Jon Carling, Dan Nelson, Thomas Christopher Haag, Jack Eastgate and Aaron Petersen

Note from Obi

It feels like a family: the assembly,  this crew, this quilt of brilliant local art. We been doing this for years – different venues, different faces, sure, but  many of these artists I’ve been representing for years, and know better than I know certain legs of my own family. The result? a warm vibe, an accepting space, an invented family, a buzz that belies the alcohol stupor we all stumble around in looking for our pens and paper. We used to do it every week. Perhaps you remember – now, we will do it once a season. The above represents some snapshots I took with last night, at our Springtime event. Special thanks to Mua for housing this event. If you are an artist, living and working in Oakland and want to be part of this, all you need to do is be in my face and (of course) be serious about your art. email me at,

follow my other adventures at & my own art at

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Oakland Art From The Future

General Release 05.28.12


The World Saving Device: Oakland Art, 250 Years From Now

The Hive Gallery

301 Jefferson St. Oakland, CA 94607

Show Dates: August 3rd (08.03.12) – August 31st (08.31.12), 2012

Reception: First Friday, August 3rd (08.03.12), in conjunction with Oakland Art Murmur

The Hive Gallery, curator Obi Kaufmann, and designer Jason Kulp are pleased to present The World Saving Device – Oakland Art, 250 Years from Now. Ten Oakland painters and illustrators come together in this wildly imaginative show to explore the metaphor of a world that needs saving. The gallery will be transformed to resemble a cave, a proto-cathedral, or some sort of intergalactic womb.

By positing some kind of deep future, what happens – especially here on the island that is California – is a reaching into our distant past. The device that ultimately saves the world becomes the ritual of the art-making process and its ability to convey compassion and a sense of some new, universal ecology.

Participating Artists –

Jon Carling –

John Casey –

Ernest Doty –

Thomas Christopher Haag –

Obi Kaufmann –

Lauren Napolitano –

Nathaniel Parsons –

David Polka –

David Seiler –

Gina Tuzzi –

The gallery show will be supplemented by a collaborative website to be launched in early July.

The gallery will be open on the following dates during these appointed hours:

08.03.12 – Friday – Opening Reception, 6pm to 9pm

08.04.12 – Saturday – 12pm to 4pm

08.09.12, 08.16.12, 08.23.12, 08.30.12 – Thursdays – 6pm to 8pm

08.31.12 – Friday – Closing Reception, 6pm to 9pm

Press Contact

Obi Kaufmann, curator

Phone 925-951-7501

Visual Arts Writer

WSD graphic by David Polka

Alexi Torres

David Allen Peters

David Maxim

Ross Bonfonti

James Niel

Hugo Lugo

Farnaz Shadravan



Ezra Li Eismont

Jessica Joslin

Scott Sheidly

Gregory Eltringham (above, left), NeckFace (right)

Namit Malavia

Andrew Schoultz

John Casey

Karla Wozniak

Tadashi Moriyama

Lindsey Kustusch (above, left), Charlie Milgrim (right)

Adam Sorensen

Alika Cooper

David Lyle

Martin Webb

Misako Inaoka (above, left), Scott Hove (right)

Rose Eken

Nathan Ota (above, left), Bob Dob (right)

Sandra Yagi

Yvette Molina

Bo Bartlett

Manuel Neri

Yoskay Yamamoto (left), Jenny Morgan (right)

Odd Nerdrum


Tim Etchells

Stephen De Staebler

Jane Rosen

Narangkar Glover

Alex Katz

Daniel Fila, Alex Yanes & Raymond Adrian

Jack Fischer

Elaine Bradford (left), Michael Gregory (right)

Nicholas Africano




Oakland Art Mumur, as published in the East Bay Express, 04-18-12

-Obi Kaufmann

Weekly Art Picks – Mercury 20, as Published in East Bay Express. – Obi Kaufmann

Robert Brady at Trax as published in the East Bay Express, 4-11-12

Land, Use at David Brower Center

Amy Franceschini and Fernando Garcia-Dory at the David Brower Center of Art.

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